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Improve Pitching Velocity


If you’re an outfielder, infielder, catcher, pitcher, quarterback, or really any throwing athlete, then this video will be beneficial to you! I had the opportunity to do a “collab” with Chris Barnard of OverTimeAthletes, trainer to many professional baseball players. In this video we talk about…

4 Tips To Increase Throwing Velocity

Throwing velocity is important because that is the measurement that scouts use to measure our throwing ability. Although it is not conclusive in evaluating a thrower, it is currently the number 1 way scouts evaluate throwers. So as a throwing athlete it is important to increase your throwing velocity to catch the eyes of the scouts. Here are the 4 tips to increase throwing velocity.

Train Your Body To Be Bigger, Stronger, And Faster

The stuff that you do in the gym is super important and relates directly to your performance on the field. Sometimes we think of throwing just happening at the arm, but really it is a full body movement. We have to generate energy in our legs and transfer it through our body efficiently to get the most velocity on the ball. So doing the workouts that Chris has in on his channel is a good place to start.

Have Good Throwing Mechanics/Movement

Again, throwing is about creating energy from the ground up and transferring that energy through our kinetic chain. We have to do that by moving efficiently with good timing and leveraging the energy we create. To do this we need good linear energy, followed by good rotational energy, and then finish that up with some more good linear energy. But it’s not that simple. Now we have to time that altogether as one movement and try not to leak any of that energy along the way. To get better at your throwing mechanics you have to practice them. Study and feel what is good and then try to consistently repeat them until they become natural.

Get On A Throwing Program

Just as we train our bodies to be stronger and faster, and our throwing mechanics to be cleaner and more consistent, we must also train our arm within the throwing movement. I’m sure every throwing athlete wants to increase throwing velocity, but most don’t do enough throwing to accomplish that goal. Or even worse, they do too much throwing, too quickly, and end up hurting themselves and get set back on their way to their goal. So what you need to do is get on a consistent, progression based throwing program where you increase the intensity of your throws and number of throws over time to build up arm strength and speed.

Have The Intent To Throw Fast

The last tip to increase throwing velocity is to have the intent to throw the crap out of the ball. If we are too focused on mechanics or accuracy or just going through the motions of throwing, then we will not maximize our throwing velocity. But if we have it in our minds that we are going to throw this ball as absolutely hard as we can, then our bodies are going to step up to the occasion and help us achieve our goal. So, after you’ve got steps 1-3 down, just remember to throw the piss out of the ball!

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