So you want to know how to steal more bases for baseball, do ya? Well, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re looking for how to steal second base, how to steal third base, or other base stealing tips, I’m here to show you the ropes. Below you will find a few videos with some of the best base stealing tips on how to steal more bases. Check them out!

Steal More Bases

#1 – Knowing what pitch is coming when stealing second base

This is one of my favorite base stealing tips because it gives you such an advantage when stealing second base. If you know what pitch is going to be thrown, and you can get a good jump, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be safe.  Some people would say this is cheating, but believe it or not, this happens all the time.  If you don’t like it, then you need to defend against it if you’re on defense.  But I promise you it happens and you should take advantage of this base stealing tip if the opportunity presents itself.  Watch the video to learn how to steal more bases!

#2 – Cutting down on your Jab Step when stealing second

Another one of my favorite base stealing tips for how to steal more bases is to cut down on your jab step when you lead off.  What a lot of base stealers do when they start to steal a base is they take a jab step, some of them bigger than others.  If you can cut down on this jab step, you will be faster when stealing second base.  Watch this video to see how to do this.

#3 – Reading the Pitcher’s Looks for stealing 2nd and stealing 3rd

This is another great base stealing tip and this one works a lot of the time.  I can’t tell you how many bases have been stolen off of the pitcher doing the same looks with runners on first and/or second.  Pitchers are creatures of habit and if you pay attention to what they are doing, not only will you be able to pick up if they are tipping their pitches, but you will be able to steal more bases off of them.  Forget if the catcher has a good arm or not.  Steal the bases off of the pitcher!  Watch the video to see what I mean.

I hope you liked these videos on how to steal more bases and some other base stealing tips.  Just remember, stealing more bases is great, but in a showcase, it may be hard to get noticed only stealing a bag or two.  That’s why the 60 yard dash is important.  It can show the scouts that, not only do you have the awareness and skills to steal more bases, but your speed is there as well.  So please, check out my page for 60 yard dash tips!

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