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Have you ever pitched in a game and during or after your pitching arm started hurting? Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us. In this video/post I’m going to tell you the 3 main reasons your throwing arm could be hurting you.

The 3 Reasons Your Arm Could Be Hurting You

1) You have bad mechanics

2) You’re not prepared

3) You’re injured

You Have Bad Pitching Mechanics

Let’s talk about first things first. If you have bad pitching mechanics you could be putting extra stress on your arm. If you’re not transferring the energy you create efficiently with good timing, then you’re probably leaking that energy and worse case scenario, hurting your arm. How can you tell if it’s bad pitching mechanics or not? You could start by checking out this video called The 9 Pitching Velocity Killers where I break down some of the bad pitching mechanics that some pitchers do. Losing pitching velocity is one thing, but hurting your arm is another. Be safe and practice good pitching mechanics!

You’re Not Prepared

After you’ve ruled out pitching mechanics as the culprit, the next place to look is at your preparation. I can’t tell you the number of messages I get from players and parents in the very beginning of the season asking about how to fix their arm or stop it from hurting/being sore. The reason this happens every year around the start of the season is because most pitchers are not prepared for the amount of throwing they are going to be doing. They are usually lazy in their preparation before their season and then the first game they go out there and are toast after 4 innings. If you’re not prepared to pitch the amount that you pitch, your arm will hurt, or at the very least be sore. So make sure you are prepared. Reverse engineer from when your season starts til now and come up with a daily plan of what you’re going to do to be ready for next season!

You’re Injured

Now that you know it’s not your pitching mechanics and I trust that you are fully prepared, the only thing left could be that you have an underlying issue that is resurfacing or you have just hurt yourself because of 1 and 2 above. Either way, you need to go to the doctor. Not only go to the doctor, but listen to the doctor. If the doctor tells you to take off 6 weeks of throwing (which he probably will), then you need to take off 6 weeks of throwing and not try to rush back. If he gives you daily rehab exercises, then do them! I know it’s hard because you are a competitive athlete and you want to get back as quick as possible, but please do not rush and take your doctors orders. You could do more irreversible damage if you try to do too much too soon and then you’ll be facing this problem for the rest of your pitching career. It’s not worth it!

There you have it! If you’re arm is hurting, make sure you focus on your recovery first and then analyze which of the three was the cause so that you can fix it in the future and minimize arm pain throughout your pitching career. Also make it easy on yourself and follow a program like Pitching 365.2 so you can focus on maximizing results while minimizing issues. There’s a whole module in that program on recovery. It’s something you should check out. Here’s the discount link: Pitching 365.2