In this episode on Behind The Seams Baseball Podcast we are joined by Andrea D’Auria, WBSC Coach’s Commission. We talk about USSSA Baseball, the WBSC, youth baseball around the globe, and he answers the question, “What is Baseball 5?”

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To learn more about Baseball 5:

I met Andrea D’Auria through a WBSC event (Women’s Baseball World Cup) in Viera, FL. I was doing work as an All American Scout for the last 5 years for USSSA Baseball and a mutual friend had recommended me to work as a Technical Commissioner for the event. It was a great event with a lot of great baseball. Andrea and I then got to reconnect as the youth Team USSSA Europe came over to the states to play some baseball as I had been doing some consulting for an organization in Germany. Most recently I got to spend some time catching up with Andrea is Shanghai China at the Women’s Fastpitch Softball Olympic Qualifier.

Andrea D’Auria is a very cool guy. A baseball guy for sure. He has the walk, the talk, the smile, and is very knowledgable about the game of baseball across the globe. I hope you found this interview enlightening. If you have any questions please drop them down below in the comment section.

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Behind The Seams
Andrea D’Auria (WBSC Coach’s Commission) – Behind The Seams Baseball Podcast Ep.11 – What is Baseball 5?