We bringing it back! The realest baseball podcast ever with the first guest, THE MAN, Nick Shaw of https://thebaseballbox.com for Episode 1 of Behind the Seams on the brand new YouTube channel and other popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher!


  • 1:42  How Nick Shaw got into college & pro baseball.
  • 11:58  The injury that almost ended Nick’s career and his crazy doctor story (“can’t you just swing righty?”)
  • 15:14  Funny stories from Pro Baseball (Joe Ayrault’s “Sweepy Deepy!”)
  • 17:36  Nick’s outlandish experience in “Instructs”.
  • 23:00  How Nick Shaw & John Madden met.
  • 26:13  The USSSA All American Program
  • 32:53  Nick on Competitiveness…and ping pong.
  • 36:34  Tricks to steal more bases.
  • 43:57  Nick talks about “D-day”, his favorite day in Spring Training and the potential for a “D-day” coming near you!
  • 49:32  What Nick Shaw & John Madden miss most about pro baseball and what they miss least.
  • 55:02  Want to attend a Nick Shaw & John Madden Baseball Camp?
  • 56:20  Where to get in touch with Nick Shaw and learn more about The Baseball Box

Behind The Seams
Behind The Seams
Nick Shaw of The Baseball Box – Behind The Seams Ep.1