On today’s episode we chat with 7 Year Pro Pitcher Isaac Hess.  He is also the founder of CageList.

CageList is the AirBNB of backyard batting cages, offering the largest network of local batting cages for baseball & softball players, coaches, and families.

If you need a place to hit and/or pitch, whether you are a baseball player or softball player, CageList has you covered.  Their network of quality, convenient, and affordable batting cages is growing everyday, and if you own a private cage in your backyard, you can list on CageList for free!

CageList gives baseball and softball families who have backyard batting cages a chance to generate revenue from their facility, and gives players around the country a convenient place to train their game no matter where they are.  Join CageList for free today so you can find a batting cage and hit!

Click here to join for free: CageList.com

Here’s what you can expect in this episode with Pro Pitcher Isaac Hess:

  • 0:25  Everything you need to know about CageList, who’s it for and how it works.
  • 21:30  Isaac Hess talks about his playing experience, injuries, signing with the Padres & Redsox, playing in Mexico & Czech Republic, and more.
  • 35:16  What is MADE BASEBALL?
  • 37:05  What are your pitching grips, how do you hold them, throw them, and what are you trying to get the ball to do on your pitches as a Lefty?
  • 42:20  What did you top out at for fastball velocity and what did you do to develop your velocity?
  • 46:49  Who were your role models and what was your motivation to make it to pro baseball?

Follow Isaac Hess on Facebook & Instagram @cagelist & @madebaseball

Check out the MADE BASEBALL Virtual Classes M/W/F 2:15pm Pacific Time at https://madebaseball.com/

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Behind The Seams
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