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Do you struggle with hitting too many weak ground balls and getting out more than you should be? If so, then check out these 3 baseball hitting tips that will show you how to stop hitting ground balls and get more line drive base hits!

1) Be A Strong and Athletic Hitter

A lot of the time young hitters hit more ground balls than they should is because they are just too weak. If this is the case, then you must work on making the hitter stronger and more athletic. Start by making sure they have a good athletic batting stance and then give them some body weight exercises that will strengthen their legs and core.

2) Have A Good Swing Plane

Unfortunately, a lot of youth baseball coaches still teach to swing down to the baseball. If the player actually does what the coach is asking, this could lead to a lot of ground balls as well. Instead we want to promote a good swing plane and bat path. This should be done by explaining to the hitter that we want the swing to get on the same plane as the pitch and stay on that plane as long as possible through contact.

3) Stay Inside The Ball

And last but not least, we need to fix the dreaded “roll over”. The roll over is when a hitters wrists start to roll before or at contact. The roll of the wrists should not happen until well after contact is made. To fix this we need the player to “stay inside the ball”. What that means is the hands stay in close to the body and do not get out and around, away from the body because this is the cause of the roll over.

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