There is a lot of debate in the baseball community when discussing hitting mechanics.  Some believe in the linear hitting mechanics, while some believe in more of a rotational hitting mechanics.

Me personally, I don’t care what you call it, I just like a good swing.  I actually believe that the swing is a little bit of both, linear and rotational.  Now here’s where the debate begins.  So, what are the best baseball hitting mechanics?

On this section of my website I have made a handful of videos that I believe will help you understand my thoughts on hitting mechanics.  Of course if you have any questions about hitting mechanics or anything else related to hitting in baseball, please comment below.

Baseball Hitting Mechanics Videos

#1 – The Perfect Swing Plane or Bat Path

I was going to start off with the proper set up in the batter’s box and then move on to the stride, etc.  Instead I decided to just give you the meat and potatoes because I think once you see this video and understand my philosophy on hitting mechanics, then the rest of the videos will make more sense.  So, here’s my take on how the swing should look.

#2 – Squash The Bug?

There’s nothing worse than when I see a hitter spinning out on his backside and gaining no ground.  Even worse than that is a hitter that does that, but then argues how it’s the right way to swing.  Here’s a video I made recording a professional hitter to show what the back foot really does in baseball hitting mechanics.

#3 – How To Hold a Baseball Bat

Another big misconception in hitting mechanics is the way you should grip a baseball bat.  Many coaches say to line up the knocking knuckles when gripping the bat.  The other option, which should be the only option, is to grip the bat comfortably.  What I have found is that most hitters, when they grip the bat without knowing I’m looking at their hands, will hold it in more of a box grip.  It may be a little more or a little less, but it’s close to a box grip.  If you don’t know what a box grip is, watch this video and be schooled!

#4 – Body Angle

You’ll see some big league hitters standing straight up in the box and you’ll see some more bent over.  No matter where they start though, they all get into a good body angle as they begin their swings.  Body angle is important in hitting mechanics because it promotes the proper swing plane (see video #1).  Watch this video to see how the body angle should look.

#5 – 25 Things Josh Donaldson taught me about Hitting Mechanics

Josh and I played together at Auburn University.  After Josh saw my website, he had a few tips for me, and his other Twitter followers.  The video below are the 25 things that I learned from Josh Donaldson about Hitting Mechanics.

#6 – Front Door Back Door Hitting Mechanics

By using the front door back door metaphor it is easier to grasp the idea of staying closed with the upper body and when to let it open up.  The hitters who are able to do this well are able to generate a lot of energy through the baseball.  If you are struggling with front door back door hitting mechanics, then I definitely suggest the Catch and Crush Drill.

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#7 – The 7 Checkpoints at Contact

When working on your hitting mechanics it is sometimes good to get yourself on video.  You always want to shoot your video from 90 degree angles.  When you use the straight on angle, you can check yourself for 7 different things related to hitting mechanics.  In this video I talk about the 7 checkpoints at contact when hitting a baseball.

#8 – Stride Foot Timing

This is another big misconception when it comes to hitting mechanics.  Most coaches think it is good to “get the front foot down early”.  In reality, that’s not what happens at all in a great swing and if you’re practicing that way, you are actually losing power.  Watch this video to understand more.

#9 – How the Front Leg works when Hitting a Baseball

The front leg is a very important part of your baseball hitting mechanics.  In this video, I answer a question I received about how the front leg works when hitting a baseball.  The important thing to remember here is that the front leg is what helps you leverage your energy.  If you use your front leg wrong, you could be losing power.  Watch the video!

#10 – Body Eyes at Contact and Staying Closed

What the hell are body eyes? Good question! They’re made up, imaginary eyeballs that are on your back knee, belly button, and adam’s apple. All you’re trying to do in a swing with good hitting mechanics is keep your body eye and your real eyes on the baseball at contact. Watch this video for a better explanation.

#11 – Leading with the Front Elbow

Take the pad off your front elbow and stop being a sissy! It’s time we put that front elbow to work! The front elbow plays a big role in how the hitting mechanics come together in a baseball swing. If the front elbow is working down too much, you’re going to be in ground ball city. If your front elbow leads you to the pitch and then up at a good angle, you’re probably going to have more success!

#12 – What a 12 year old can teach you about Baseball Hitting Mechanics

Big Frank led his league in home runs and batting average by working on some of the things mentioned in videos 1-6. Take a look at Big Franks hitting mechanics and be jealous. Frank looks like a big leaguer with that swing and even breaks my lights in this slow motion video of some of his hitting mechanics.

#13 – Debunking Linear Hitting Mechanics

In this video I share with you why I think a true linear hitting style is counter productive.  Swinging down on the baseball makes it hard to time and even if you square it up, you’re hitting it into the ground.  When it comes to hitting just remember, on path, bottom half.  Check out this video.

I really hope you liked these baseball hitting mechanics videos.  I hope this was informative and that you learned something new.  Please, leave a comment below if you have any questions or just want to drop a comment.  Don’t forget to SHARE this page with your baseball friends!

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