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If you’re looking for a new pitch to throw, the Eephus may be a viable option.  Although it is not my first option for a change up, there are a few big leaguers who mix in an Eephus every once in a while.

What is an Eephus?

An Eephus is just a super slow pitch.  Much slower than a regular change up.  It’s almost like an underhanded slow pitch softball pitch, but it’s thrown overhand…with a baseball.

How to grip an Eephus

There really isn’t a standard grip for the Eephus pitch.  Some guys hold it with 3 fingers, others with their regular fastball grip, and others even try to add a little spin or break to it besides it just being slow.

Why is the Eephus effective?

The Eephus can be an effective pitch because of the change of speed.  A pitcher’s job is to disrupt the batter’s timing and balance and one way to do that is by throwing an Eephus.  Those of you baseball players who’ve tried to hit a slow pitch softball know what I’m talking about.  It can be a very tough feat if you’re not used to it.

Alternative Pitches to the Eephus

Here are two great training courses I put together for the pitches I used to throw in pro baseball.  They are definitely something you should look into if you’re trying to find some new pitches to throw because you don’t just want to add an average pitch, you want to know everything about that pitch and how to use it to dominate hitters.  That’s what these courses show you.  Click the images to learn more…

Advanced Sinker & Slider Training          Advanced Forkball & Splitter Training